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The only way I used to run, was away from exercise. The thought of joining a gym was the last thing on my mind until a couple of work mates twisted my arm and dragged me kicking and screaming to Kincumber Gym.  The moment I walked in the door it felt like I'd come home to family, like the feeling of, 'Ahhh, so this is where I belong'. It was full of energy and life, people smiling and actually enjoying exercise. All the staff were amazingly helpful. I was stunned that I actually enjoyed the experience. So I stayed.That was almost two years ago and the sense of family/community hasn't dimmed one bit. I long for my visits to the gym and the endorphin rush I take away each time. Oh, one other thing...before I joined I checked out another gym down the road just in case it was better. It wasn't. In fact walked out feeling depleted. I went straight back to Kincumber Gym and I'm here to stay.

Rick - Copacabana
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